May 16, 2022

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The Future of Luxury Involves Holograms

In a lot of ways, Bentley automobiles already represent the future of cars, if only because they include and offer features that other automobiles simply can’t, but in a lot of other ways the future is still something laying out there ahead of us like a carrot at the end of a string, which means we can only dream about some of the possibilities that luxury cars may produce in the years to come.

To explore what that future may include, Bentley developed something they’re calling “The Future of Luxury,” which essentially is a series of images showing some of the things they could see showing up in later iterations of some of most beloved automobiles.

Perhaps most notably, one of the images shows a tiny hologram of a butler, which is perfectly appropriate considering how much people love the science fiction provided them in the rejuvenated Star Wars franchise these days. Of course, R2-D2 doesn’t look quite as fancy projecting his own glowing images as a Bentley vehicle would, but the effect would essentially be the same. Right at owners’ fingertips would be all sorts of information and entertainment, most of which could easily be provided by a hologram butler. Think of it is as Siri in a tuxedo, more or less.

“The Future of Luxury” concept images do show a few other ideas for down the road, including special mood lighting, LED screens on the interior side panels to help create extra ambiance and a touchscreen audio interface that wouldn’t be too far off from the sorts of things that automakers already are diving into right now with infotainment. There’s a new Bentley coming over the course of the next several years, and if all goes well it could come with all sorts of great futuristic tech, including but not limited to that awesome butler hologram.

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